The Garden Philosophy
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The Garden Philosophy is a boutique, Sydney based landscaping practice. Take a look at our work

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We offer a range of services that include design, construction, install and ongoing garden maintenance. Learn more about our services


We consider all our designs as a unique response to the people who inhabit a space, so we take a holistic approach to each garden we create.

Build & Install

We choose the right materials for the space so they interact seamlessly with the architecture around them and will mature naturally with their surroundings.


We understand bespoke care is required to keep a garden thriving and ensure it reaches its full potential, every year.


Designing & nurturing gardens that complement the architecture of the space and reflect the lifestyle of our clients.

Walking through a garden should be a journey, showcasing contrasts between the intimate and the more open spaces.

We work from the site and its architecture, applying ideas that respect the space and are sensitive to the context and scale.

We are a small team of designers, horticulturalists & construction specialists, who through a shared passion for the outdoors, create gardens that connect people with nature.

Bringing our clients' dreams to life

Utilising our integrated design process, we aim to create a unique landscape that both reflects the surrounding environment and provides a harmonious extension to the internal living space.

Ready to transform your garden?

Please get in touch with us so we can get started on your dream garden.